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We prioritize performance monitoring that allows the ability to troubleshoot first.
This ensures 'first time right' service launches and seamless migrations without quality disruption.
The Industry Leader in Voice Quality Monitoring
Teraquant is a Voice/UC and Smart Network Edge Technology Company based in Boulder, CO.
Unified Communications & Intelligent Edge Solutions
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Over 20 Years of Serving Leading Telecom & Business Enterprises

Over 20 Years of Serving Leading Telecom & Business Enterprises

Communications ISV Partner Product of the Year Award 2019

Unified Communications &
Intelligent Edge Solutions

Helping Clients Reduce Costs, Minimize Latency & Optimize Security in Their Networks

Improvements You Can See, Guaranteed

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Instrumented for Visibility, Optimized for Performance

Our UC and Intelligent Edge Services apply instrumentation from day-one, meaning total visibility on performance and costs throughout the project. Troubleshoot problems quicker while reducing operations and support costs.

  • Plan

    Benchmark existing performance and establish project objectives

  • Measure

    Establish KPIs and establish real user traffic, eliminating costly downtime

  • Review

    Verify continued performance with cloud-based testing & one-day metering tools

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” -Peter Drucker

Best-in-Class Carrier Grade Solutions

Intelligent Edge

Current SD-WAN technologies can’t scale, waste bandwidth & provide slow failover.  Switch to Teraquant’s SDN for built-in Zero-Trust-Security, Infinite scale & unparalleled efficiency.


Cloud Migration

Don’t waste months implementing a new cloud project. With carrier-class technology Teraquant’s hybrid-driven approach will get you up and running in three days. Get the personal service experience with best-in-class products from our vendor partners.

Call Center Solutions

Don’t let Robocall fraud clog your inbound circuits. Teraquant’s solutions offer inbound call authentication to keep your call center lines free & optimize customer experience.

Voice Quality Testing

Enable productive remote working with consistent voice quality. Teraquant is the leader in accurate voice call quality measurements, used by all major voice labs worldwide.

Service Assurance & Decryption

Detect service issues before your users. With monitoring solutions for both legacy TDM & SS7 as well as SIP, you can better fix core service problems as soon as possible. Our monitoring solutions are trusted for coverage 24/7 by leading UC specialists.

Vendor Independent Service Provisioning

Give your customers a comprehensive self help portal API trusted by leading telco service providers. Streamline customer service claims & optimize user experience.

Richard accepting channel partners award from Oracle.

Teraquant wins Oracle Award

Teraquant wins Oracle Communications OEM product of the year award for our TQDecrypt product. This innovative tool analyzes TLS sessions and prepares private communications for analysis by Oracle EOM.

Oracle Partner Network Sales Specialist

Teraquant is the 1st Oracle Communications OEM to become certified to provision & offer the Oracle SBC in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure [OCI].

Customer Testimonials

Teraquant was able to rapidly engineer and install the SIP network monitoring tools we needed to perform load testing,  proactively monitor, rapidly troubleshoot, identify, and fix issues. The real time monitoring, alerting, and reporting packages are powerful and highly customizable using a variety of KPI’s. So happy were we of their work, we asked them to help us with our Oracle SBC migrations which they have done with great professionalism. The Teraquant team at all levels, sales to support, has been professional, technically skilled, and available 24X7 for anything we have ever needed. We consider Teraquant a valuable partner and I am happy to recommend Teraquant services.”

Joe Bons
Senior Manager – Information Technology

“We have just finished another round of Oracle Communications SBC & EOM training with Teraquant and, as expected, several folks from different teams reached out to me to express great satisfaction. Even though the basic usage is easy to learn; the training from Teraquant, showed us how to troubleshoot real issues with complex SIP call flows, allowed us to comprehend the tool’s true potential and empowered us to achieve huge productivity & improved service quality.”

John Zulaloglu
Sr. Communication Services Engineer

“The support we have received from Teraquant has been great. They have been alongside us throughout and just a real pleasure to work with.”

Chris Hall
IT Director
Onvoy Communications, LLC

“Palladion is actually now owned by Oracle, however there is one last standing VAR of the product with whom we have had great success. They are called Teraquant. The team there knows more about the product and are better suited to support it than Oracle, for sure.”

Joshua Lesavoy

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Two decades of passionately working side-by-side with telecom leaders & business enterprises.
See how Teraquant can improve your business communications today!