With over 20 years of experience in VoIP, the Teraquant team knows what metrics matter and can keep your telecoms team focused on the critical data that will help your business stay connected with customers.

Accurate, Timely Data to Help your Telecom Teams Excel

Your business plans for financial success thanks to extensive reporting — identifying growth, developing forecasts, and tracking progress by identifying trends. At Teraquant, we offer your telecoms team critical data about your infrastructure’s performance so that you can develop strategies for successful customer communications.

We want to leave you feeling assured that your telecom infrastructure can perform to its full potential. From monthly reports to in-depth analysis, we exceed customer expectations with actionable reporting. We deliver answers to you as easily readable and presentable graphical reports, at a fraction of the cost of software. We also save you the time and expense of investing in learning the software and developing the report on your own.


What Your Reporting Includes

  • Comprehensive dashboard showing the most important data regarding your telecom infrastructure.
  • Executive and customer reports for end-of-month performance and quality tracking.
  • Total call volume breakout per device, customer, trunk, etc. for capacity planning and revenue assurance.
  • Reports on call failure vs. success, the full spectrum of KPIs and breakdown of call failures and displays of call-related data including inbound and outbound calls and their reputation scores.
  • Device status, giving your telecoms team the information they need to predict issues and get ahead of potential down times.
  • Alerts on different levels of risk calls — from unclassified calls to critical risk calls.
  • Totally flexible visualizations on demand.
Call Overview Dashboard

Metrics and Applications

  • Predictive Failure Analysis
  • Measurement of Service Availability
  • UC/Voice/Conferencing Call Performance Metrics
  • Data SLAs: Application Response Time, Throughput vs. QoS vs. Application
  • Capacity Planning for Telephony (IP and TDM), and IT Data Services
  • Active SIP Service Verification Testing
SIP Dashboard

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Two decades of passionately working side-by-side with telecom leaders & business enterprises.
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