In today’s data-driven world, analyzing large amounts of data efficiently is critical for success.

Businesses need to keep up with customer patterns in communication and pull forensic evidence from network operations and deployments in order to optimize network operations costs and preempt events impacting user experience (UX).


Benefits of Telecom Data Analytics as a Service

With so much unstructured data produced daily, big data analytics-as-a-service is essential to help sift through the data in order to create meaningful insights for a telco network operations. This can help telecom, Enterprise and call center /BPO companies improve their customer experiences or user experiences by pinpointing comparative data versus industry expectations.

  • Big Data Analytics and machine learning detect anomalies and correlate them with changes in your network.
  • Leveraging our decades of experience correlating phone call flow legs together.
  • When a small device in your network overloads and crashes under the stress, this needs to be matched with your service assurance monitoring system and correlated into the big picture analytics.
  • No need to invest in onsite hardware for intensive data analytics.
  • Frees up your telecoms team to do what they do best.
  • Added benefit of cloud-connection and a global network of comparative data.
  • Everything is driven by your KPIs and indicators of user experience/UX.

For many decades we have had network monitoring tools that allowed us to pinpoint the symptoms and the raw data leading up to an intermittent service problem or outage . we acknowledge, isolating the problem takes 90% of the time to fix the problem . However, the question always was, how do we get the troubleshooting system to also fix the problem. So now, Big Data and Machine Learning techniques in telecom and data networks will allow us to fix the problems automatically.

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