Experience Greater Reliability, Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs Without Compromising Security

Today, more than ever, your company may be pressured to shift employees out of the office to working remotely from home. This results in a network and services environment that’s vastly different from your office installation. It impacts security, privacy and the user experience which can cost your company thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it’s vital that you connect your enterprise office IT infrastructure for both data and voice/video applications to ensure:

  • Reliability: You are not deprived of your ability to stay in touch with your customers or miss conference calls.
  • Voice clarity: Increase selling opportunities and deliver enhanced customer service.
  • Reduced costs: IT equipment and set ups are optimized and made uniform.
  • Security: Your network remains secure while allowing access to your remote workers.
  • Privacy: Telephone calls to both customers and colleagues remain confidential.
  • PCI compliance is maintained, even for remote workers.

When you seek to improve user experience, service or network performance, Teraquant takes a baseline measurement of the real-time/UC or Wide Area Networking (WAN) problem. Then, we’ll expand into a multi-faceted analysis and deliver a proposal for a customized monitoring system, architecture or a new network design that solves your problem.

Benefit from greater reliability, increased productivity and reduced costs without compromising security with a solution from our team of experts Teraquant’s Professional Services are designed to safeguard your IT infrastructure, manage and control traffic and provide secure, efficient UC solutions. Teraquant Installs, Implements and Sets Up Your E-SBC

Teraquant is recognized by Oracle personnel as being the exceptional Oracle SBC VoIP Service Assurance expert worldwide.

Understanding that the E-SBC you choose is critical for real-time video and voice services, we provide you with personal, hands-on services to install, troubleshoot, implement and set up your SBC.

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Implementing Your Project in Three Comprehensive Steps: Plan, Measure, Review

Teraquant’s TQM template for planning and implementing your project walks you through the process. This proven process follows our philosophy: Plan, Measure, Review.


  • What are the required objectives of your project?
  • What problems are you countering that you need a solution for?
  • What increased performance do you expect as our customer?
  • What additional features and functionality do your end-users expect to enjoy?
  • What parameters and thresholds will indicate total success of the project?
  • How will we measure the performance improvement of your project?
  • What’s the ROI?


  • Where are you now?
  • What performance do you experience now?
  • Measure and baseline current performance.
  • What KPIs do you currently use to measure the baseline of your existing performance?
  • How have you quantified the problem you are suffering from?
  • What prerequisites exist and how long will it take to provision and benchmark them?
  • What are the human resources, computers and network resources required?
  • What’s your dependency on third parties such as CSP service providers/carriers, vendors; partners; contractors etc.


  • Implement automatic cloud-based testing to verify functional and performance objectives of the project.
  • Verify service assurance and the monitoring system installed. Then, provide analysis and expected reports.
  • Set in place relevant agreed-upon KPIs.
  • Set alert thresholds and verify proactive alerting mechanism.
  • Review with your management to confirm that all tasks have been completed and verified.
  • Come to an agreement on how the system will be monitored, maintained and supported.
  • Hand over to your operational staff and agree on training for maintainability and achieving KPIs successfully.

The Teraquant Plan, Measure, Review process delivers:

  • Clear focus on the project objectives
  • Upfront testing of prerequisites
  • Clear expectations communicated to third parties so they deliver accurately on time
  • Right first time, no re-work or backtracking or wasted effort
  • Benchmarking so that you can troubleshoot easily, go back and compare with what was working, versus what is now not working and get to Root Cause rapidly.
  • Establishment of Go-Forward KPI’s, Alert thresholds & clear Service Levels (SLAs)

As a result, your company achieves the following assured business milestones:

  • Demonstrated and measured benefits to senior management
    • E.g. initial yearly OPEX v post-project yearly OPEX
    • Monitored trace now shows all connections to be encrypted
    • X% of calls inbound to contact center, now answered within 15 secs as proven by monitored KPI
  • Proven ROI and enhanced productivity
  • On-time project delivery
  • Lower operational costs
  • A highly motivated team working environment

When You Experience These Common User Problems, Teraquant Has the Solution

As an IT Specialist, do you hear yourself saying:

  • I only need to setup this small feature on my network/SBC/WAN/uCPE/Monitoring system. I could use some quick friendly advice. Do I really need to log a ticket with my big vendor or VAR and wait?
  • My company experiences more failed calls than successful calls.
  • Why do my agents’ calls take so long to set up?
  • There are too many calls where the voice/call quality caused parties to hang up. Participants are complaining about quality on conference calls. They say, “The network is slow.”
  • Some of our data went missing and turned up somewhere else.
  • Telephony costs are showing a spike much higher than usual.
  • The company is getting too many delayed or glitchy video streams.
  • Last week we couldn’t access our “family silver” database and then, we got a ransom request.
  • Can’t I just pick up the phone or email somebody who can quickly answer my question without trying to sell me something I don’t need?

As an IT User, do you hear yourself saying:

  • I hear garbled, hard-to-understand voices when I’m trying to listen to important customers.
  • I’m on a conference call and suddenly I get choppy audio and can’t understand the others on the call.
  • My home Internet connection is “browning out.”
  • I’m tired of waiting for the application to respond.

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