Achieve Immediate Deployment of Session-based Networking

Teraquant makes it easy for you to launch your Next-Gen Networking service immediately, helping you as much or as little as you wish. Leverage our skills and infrastructure by selecting your choice of services from our Managed Service platform or customize your own with our help. You can choose from:

  • Hardware sizing, benchmarking and integration with universal customer premises equipment (uCPE):
    • With SBC
    • Monitoring
    • Built-in LTE/4G
  • 24/7 fulfillment, zero-touch upgrade and swap out.
  • Hardware supply and fulfillment nationwide.
  • Service turn up and handover to your Operations staff.
  • Management of operational moves, adds and changes.
  • Consulting and testing of your security policies for compliance with PCI etc.
  • Training

SD-WAN & SDN Starts with a Comprehensive Site Survey and Definition of Your Service Levels

To deliver the highest level of service to you, Teraquant begins with a service overview to assess your needs. This includes:

  • Customer Site Survey
  • Number of Sites, Location, City State
  • Bandwidth Requirements Per Site
  • Physical Connections
  • Number of Terminals or Users
  • Applications Used/Supported at Each Branch Office/Customer Premises
  • For Each Application, State Location of PC Client in Relation to Server
  • Quality of Service for Each Application
  • Security Classification
  • Data Classification Table

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Two decades of passionately working side-by-side with telecom leaders & business enterprises.
See how Teraquant can improve your business communications today!