Teraquant offers, on-premise and in-cloud, products and services for real-time communications (RTC) systems.

We have been a leading solutions provider of products and services for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) for over 20 years. And we are now bringing our low-cost high-reliability smart network approach to the enterprise. We have been utilizing solutions that include security and fraud protection.

We add big data analytics with machine learning that is ready for tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Our approach to assessing exact fit cost-effective solutions with strong ROI is driven by real-time data we collect from your network. Solutions are designed to allow you to define and measure compliance with key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) for optimal service assurance.

Our Solutions start by eliminating information blind spots utilizing low cost high impact real-time monitoring that can be used to benchmark end-to-end performance. This proven approach works on-premise or in-cloud. It works with both TDM and SIP technology . Our approach to solution saves costs for Enterprise and CSP customers offering rapid and automated service issue resolution along with well defined secure and highly reliable architecture.


  • Our real-time data driven solutions will help you simplify communications; infrastructure, monitoring, and new technology transitions. Creating low cost high reliability systems that are more secure but also easier to troubleshoot.
  • Our Solutions Services ensure that you have all the information you need, every step of the way, as you address communication initiatives for; SIP Trunks, Cloud, virtualization or adding Big Data Analytics , Machine Learning or AI. Solutions also simplify failover and solve interoperability issues in multi-vendor networks.
  • Our Products include: Real-time Network Monitors, Big Data Analytics, Fraud Monitors, Smart (WAN) Routers, Session Border Controllers, Session Recorders, Communications Brokers, WebRTC, Protocol Simulators, Protocol Analytics, Packet Brokers, and TAPs (active/passive/bypass).
  • Also complete on-premise or in-cloud SIP IP PBX and Unified Communication (UC) Systems.

PacketMax 1G Advanced packet broker

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The difference is we setup probes to monitor your network in real-time from SIP interfaces. This decouples issues from vendor-specific equipment and log files. Our above the “box-level” approach to monitoring better isolates issues regardless of vendors on your network or which SIP trunk provider you use. We also help define and resolve network equipment interoperability issues allowing you to focus on the service assurance.

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CSP, for Carrier-Class IP Telephony Infrastructure, Service Assurance, Fraud Protection, and Monitoring Solutions for SIP Trunk and Cloud Communications Service Providers.

Enterprise, for SIP IP Telephony/UC Infrastructure, Service Assurance, Fraud Protection, and Monitoring Solutions for Enterprise Communication Networks.

Communications Service Provider (CSP)

Cloud Comms – SIP Infrastructure

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Teraquant offers a complete carrier-class IP Telephony/UC Infrastructure, with Service Assurance, Fraud Protection and Monitoring Solutions built in, for SIP Network Service Providers solution portfolios. We offer world class SIP IP PBX, UC, SBC, ISR network elements. All systems including legacy TDM systems can be monitored end-to-end to eliminate blind spots and enable proactive issue resolution. We ensure effective troubleshooting and measurement of KPIs and SLAs. Preparing SIP Trunk providers to move into big data analytics and get ready to enable networks with AI.

Teraquant offers a complete portfolio of infrastructure solutions including:

Interactive Session Recording

IP PBX, UC, includes video collaboration and call center systems


Session Border Controllers (SBC).

  • Let Teraquant guide you in SBC selection as SBCs will offer a different set of features depending on their intended use cases. In general, one can identify three use cases for SBCs; namely on the border between an operator and its subscribers UNI-SBC, on the border between two operators NNI-SBC and on the borders of an enterprise E-SBC.

Network Packet Brokers and TAPs.

  • When SPAN ports are not adequate let Teraquant help you define and implement the Packet Brokers and TAPs you need, whether passive/dynamic/bypass.
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PacketMax 1G Advanced packet broker

Cloud Comms – SIP Service Assurance

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Teraquant Service Assurance utilizes test and monitoring to reduce issue resolution time from hours to minutes and also enables proactive issue resolution. We do this by providing the most comprehensive portfolio for Quality Assurance. Enabling efficient; installation and service commissioning and operational monitoring for voice, UC and video traffic. Solutions include active testing in the lab scenarios, testing from the edges of your network as you commission new projects, as well as monitoring passively at all relevant points within your network during operation. It includes network wide end-to-end coverage with real-time monitoring, reporting and analytics. We support a wide array of protocols (SIP, SS7, PRI/ISDN, LTE, VoLTE and IMS). In addition, we lead the industry with the most accurate testing for perceptual speech quality measured (POLQA, PESQ & MOS) as well as all analog parameters used to characterize voice and telephony devices and networks.

Teraquant offers SIP and SS7 protocol simulators that allow regression, load, functional and conformance testing of VoIP and IMS based devices supporting SS7, SIP, SIP-T, SIGTRAN, ISDN, MGCP and Megaco/H.248 protocols in the laboratory. We can detect, reproduce and analyze VoIP behavior in both test and live networks. Actively testing devices and end-to-end network quality as well as passively monitoring for real-time data that is sent into big data analytics for proactive issue resolution.

Analog and Cellular Nodes (Mobile Phones and Tablets):

  • VoLTE and VoIP Nodes (Softphones and; VoIP Endpoints).
  • TDM to VoIP Gateways.
  • Audio Streaming.

Teraquant provides services that utilize the following test and monitoring tools:

  • Oracle OCOM – IP Telephony Service Assurance.
  • Teraquant VoIPdecrypt :– created for decryption of secure (TLS/SRTP) voice and video, before these packets are submitted to the Oracle EOM or OCOM monitoring system for analysis.
  • Opale Systems MultiDSLA – Active PESQ/POLQA/MOS Testing.
  • Teraquant Comms Big Data Analytics.
  • Utel STINGA Performance Analyzer.
  • Utel STINGA Monitoring Probe.
  • Utel STINGA LEMF :– Law Enforcement Monitoring.
  • Utel SwiftWing SIRIUS – Deep Packet Inspection – High Performance Packet Capture and Storage Solution.
  • Utel STINGA Protocol Analyzer.
  • Utel STINGA Protocol Simulator.


VoIP UC – SIP Infrastructure

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As a part of the digital transformation for real-time-communications (RTC) services, organizations worldwide are retiring legacy TDM and moving to VoIP. Both are digital standards (TDM) is Time Division Multiplexing and (VoIP) is Voice over Internet Protocol. This change also means replacing PRI/ISDN connections with SIP technology. PRI and SIP Trunks are two different ways of connecting your business to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). PRI is the legacy standard for providing telecommunication services to enterprises and offices but it is reaching end of life. It is being replaced with lower cost and more flexible systems using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based voice driving unified communications (UC). SIP is used to establish and manage the RTC sessions.

This may mean you are sending VoIP over the internet and therefore need to encrypt with TLS. As a minimum, you need to keep your network secure with an Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC). Teraquant offers a complete portfolio of infrastructure solutions including infrastructure elements:

Packet Brokers and TAPs

  • Enable RTC Network data collection and packet corrections.


  • Secure demarcation of edge sessions.

IP PBX and UC Systems

  • SIP PBX with Added collaboration and Video Systems.



  • Interactive VoIP Recording.


  • Centralized Session Broker.

For each network element you can select from the best-in-class products used by more than 1800 enterprises across a wide variety of industries such as (finance, education, digital services providers, healthcare, insurance, cloud service providers). Alternatively, you can choose from solutions to fit your budget, leveraging open source, configured in high-availability to support enterprise-class 5×9’s.

SIP Service Assurance

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Teraquant solutions include world-renowned systems for monitoring real-time services end-to-end. They include network wide end-to-end coverage with real-time monitoring and analytics for voice and video traffic supporting many protocols (SIP, RTP, RTCP-XR, PRI/ISDN). In addition, we provide solutions for active monitoring of SLA’s and voice quality, proactively ensuring Service quality for conference and enterprise services and from remote international offices.

Teraquant provides the following test and monitoring tools for enterprise:

  • EOM Service Assurance
  • Toll Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • MultiDSLA Active Testers

Teraquant Service Offerings

System Installation and Integration Services

  • Exact-fit use-case driven User and Admin training.
  • Standard and customized integration services.

SIP Professional Services

  • Define SIP System Requirements.
  • Define Monitoring for SLAs and KPIs.
  • Machine Learning Analytics.
  • Special Monitoring and Encryption.
  • Agency Compliance.

Service Assurance Services

  • Troubleshooting SIP Issues.
  • Define and Manage KPI’s.
  • QoS Performance Management.
  • SLA Reporting.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

  • Imminent security & under-the-radar attacks.
  • Future service outages.
  • Predicting which customers will churn.
  • Reductions in service level.

Active Testing

  • Speech Quality Assessment.
  • SIP PBX feature testing.
  • Vulnerability Testing.
  • Load Testing.
    Response Time Testing.
  • Failover/HA testing.

Big Data & Machine Learning (AI)

  • Telephony fraud.
  • Future service outages.
  • Predicting which customers will churn.
  • Reductions in service level.

Decryption for Analysis

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