Teraquant’s powerful value added services leverage standards-based SIP interfaces between your infrastructure devices and network elements. Solutions ensure; verified interoperability, improved ease of maintenance, effective KPI reports and improved automation of operations. Our solution offerings are reassessed each year so they can address your highest priority IP Telephony service enhancements for this year. Solutions are always designed to remove vendor dependencies while simplifying infrastructure. Freeing you to choose best-in-class, lowest cost, products. Our solution approach highly leverages real-time monitoring to always give you KPI measurements, secure verified interoperability, and decrease time to issue resolution so you can improve operations performance and margins.

The most successful Communication Service Providers are always looking for ways to reduce network complexity and simplify change management. Effective SBC interconnect management is needed on any multi-tenant VoIP network. Industry leaders accomplish this with a Subscriber-Aware Load Balancer (SLB) or Session Router (SR) working with SBCs. This approach is much more effective than using out dated interconnect setups. These SLB and SR solutions work with many software and hardware SBC product options. And services from Teraquant ensure they work as needed.

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A Few Reasons Why SBC Technology Needs to be Updated

  • 113% increase in global fraud call rate.
  • $1.9B PBX Hacking.
  • 43% Fraud originating from mobile devices.
  • 130 Average number of security breaches each year.

Oracle offers simplified network solutions for multitenant SBC systems

Subscriber-Aware Load Balancer Oracle (SLB) Software

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Load-balancing enables intelligent clustering providing granular capacity increments.

Session Router (SR) Oracle Software

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Session Routers optimize the interconnects with your partner interconnect Carriers.





Teraquant Services

SBC Professional Services

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  • Define SLB or SR multi-tenant infrastructure implementation.

SBC Installation Services

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  • LCR/Best Value routing.
  • Transcoding.
  • Load-balancing.
  • Session Recording.
  • Session Routing.
  • Overload throttling.
  • TDoS Protection.

SBC Integration Services

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  • The SBC is the central point to prevent calls receiving multiple feeds from your fraud systems detection and prevent such fraud. Teraquant provides professional services to help you configure your fraud Detection server and coupling this with your SBC.
  • Similarly inbound suspect Robo-calls can be checked for authentication against a trusted certification server and reputation lists.
  • Fraud protection and STIR/SHAKEN.
  • Teraquant SBC Services include making sure you can use probes to monitor, in real-time, your SBC performance.

The SBC is perfectly positioned to assume the responsibility for two very topical important functions in your real-time services network.

SBC Software Options

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The Oracle SBC is unmatched in the industry for security, robust reliability and performance. Offering both software and hardware based solutions:

Acme Packet OS – Key Features

  • Software foundation for all Acme Packet products.
  • Purpose-built SBC platforms.
  • High-performance server platforms.
  • High-performance – now based on 64-bit Linux to leverage SMP and state-of-the-art multi-core processors.
  • Modular – can be tailored to deliver functionality to specific services, applications, use-cases.
  • Programmable – sophisticated logic.
  • Field-proven – mature and function/feature-rich with years of development to tackle the world’s most complex communications problems.

Acme Packet 3900 (VMware)

  • Supports 8,000 SIP sessions at 80 CPS (4k SRTP sessions).
  • E-SBC for SIP Trunk Connections.
  • Access/interconnect SBC.
  • Peer session routing.

SBC HA Hardware Options

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Acme Packet 3900 (VMware)

  • Supports 8,000 SIP sessions at 80 CPS (4k SRTP sessions).
  • E-SBC for SIP Trunk Connections.
  • Access/interconnect SBC.
  • Peer session routing.

Acme Packet 4600

  • Support for up to 500,000 subscribers and 32,000 media-routed sessions.
  • Delivers 20Gbps throughput, with both 1GbE and 10GbE interfaces.
  • Supporting up to 15,000 G.711/G.729 transcoded calls.
  • Access/interconnect SBC.
  • Peer session routing.

Acme Packet 6100

  • Access/interconnect SBC.
  • Edge Session Routing Proxy.
  • SLB for SBC clustering.

Acme Packet 6350

  • Transcoding interconnect SBC.
  • High-capacity transcoding.
  • Access SBC with IMS core session management.
  • Up to 500k IMSAKA subscribers.
  • Up to 200k signaling sessions; 80k media sessions.
  • Up to 3M subscribers.

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