128 Technology offers Session Smart Routers. They can be used as Routers or as an SD-WAN. What makes it unique is it uses Secure Vector Routing (SVR) not IPsec technology. This allows it to work as a Router and as an SD-WAN. As an SD-WAN it adds built in Zero Trust Security and Load Balancing. And since it does not use IPsec it simplifies routing architecture and reduces packet overhead. This means it can better utilize your bandwidth giving you up to 30% more bandwidth on the same connection as SD-WAN. It also has advantages when used with voice. It saves money because you can replace expensive MPLS with ISP or LTE. Its automated failover is faster and it offers automated policy based connection selection giving you more control on when to move and ensuring that you always get the connection with the lowest latency available. It also simplifies how you align business needs with the network, because it uses simple name based connections (not complex IT naming schemes) so connection policy can easily be setup to match business APP needs. This also makes it great for IoT use cases.

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It is a software-based network solution that can run on x86-compatible platforms, virtualized or deployed, and can be utilized on an enterprise’s existing equipment.

SVR disrupts the traditional networking paradigm, but doesn’t disrupt existing network infrastructures.

SVR addresses many of the underlying deficiencies in today’s networking models by building security and load-balancing into the router. Segments of traffic are turned into predictable, secure and organized session-aware packet flows–without relying on specialized hardware, overlay/tunneled technology, or top-heavy controllers.

Session-aware Data Plane with Built-in Security

An SVR-based network uses a session-aware data-plane that has inherent access to the fixed addresses of the endpoints in the session. It understands the bi-directionality of the packet flows and other parameters, like desired service/tenant, policies or Quality of Service metrics specific for that session. This allows the router to associate all packets and flows to a unique session, and control that session end-to-end.

SVR incorporates advanced network functionality, like firewalling and load-balancing, into the router, eliminating the need for tunnel-based overlays while still enforcing path selection and segmentation. SVR also utilizes the Zero Trust Security Model–a packet is not allowed on the network unless there is a specific policy to do so.

Built-in Service Centricity

SVR enables delivery of applications and services across multiple networks and network segments, including address domains, security zones, firewalls and private-public boundaries.

This makes for greater simplicity, more flexible deployments and a significantly expanded service reach, including:

  • Dramatic simplification and scale-out capabilities for provisioning and maintaining network-wide service topologies, QoS and security policies.
  • Virtual network stretching across the fragmented infrastructure, including data-center, WAN, Internet and the branch.
  • Automation of interconnect between different service providers, cloud providers and enterprises.

Reduced Costs with Greater Agility

SVR challenges the current pricing models for routing. Cost is based on consumption that is measured on a network-wide level, and bandwidth is reduced through hybrid networking and optimization. Not only does SVR eliminate the complexities of endless middleboxes–or risks involved with managing additional tunneling and overlay technologies–it also delivers service functionality and business economies needed from today’s networks at a fraction of the cost of SD-WAN solutions.

Next-Generation Wide Area Network (NG-WAN)

128 Technolgoies NG-WAN platform is a software-based, distributed and programmable routing and network services solution that simplifies network deployments and provides fine-grained, end-to-end control and visibility.

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