Why do your SIP users lose the ability to receive calls?


  • Do you ever have customers complaining of no dialtone? When do you first hear about it, when they call in and log a trouble ticket?
  • Do you or your customers ever experience an intermittent alert indication on the IP phone – perhaps a red blinking light?

If your end user loses valid current registration to your softswitch/IP PBX, they will not be able to receive incoming calls.

Root Causes

  • Registration expiry
  • Failure of the network
  • Registration to a different registrar
  • Change of address of record
  • Equipment failures relating to database and memory leaks

Detection of Loss of Service

How do you know when your customers lose current SIP registration or lose service?

  • Is this live information available to your help desk/customer support team? Is this is handy, available as the first thing to check?
  • Or is it generated as an alert?

The detection of loss of service may not be limited to impairments other than loss of a valid SIP registration and may not be triggered by a single event. Rather, it can be due to the absence or lapse of the number of mechanisms.

Accordingly, there is typically no single repository of all the information from equipment and network. The information has to be assembled and correlated from different resources and locations. Current best practices for examining this information includes the use of big data analytics.

Candidate Remedies

  • Synchronize re-registration expiry
  • Check registration offload through SBC
  • Monitor for change of registrar
  • Monitor for implement monitoring to change to detect change of address of record to enable help desk to advise users and customers

Solution Benefits

Our TQ_SIPREG_Watch software and service provide these unique capabilities to bring all these events and forensics together in one place and alert when users go off-line for a specified period of time or experience a SIP Registration flap.

Which of Your Customers Need Assistance?

Contact us today to learn how Teraquant Solutions can prevent your customers having to call you about loss of voice service and enabling your help desk staff to be proactive.

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