You never notice crystal-clear calling until it’s gone.

With Teraquant’s Audio Voice Quality Proactive Monitoring services, we show you the audio quality right to the ear of your agent, team member or customer, allowing them to hear upsell opportunities and ensure the voice service assists business productivity.

What does Audio Voice Quality Proactive Monitoring as a Service do for your business?

In short, proactive audio voice quality testing allows you to predict when quality issues will impact quality and experience between your company and your customers and fix prior to it causing the damage. Our service gives you the answers without worrying about how to install test harnesses to get them. With remote work becoming more critical in an evolving digital era, it’s important that communication remains clear throughout your organization.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from our audio voice proactive monitoring, and how that proactive monitoring can benefit your business:

  • We’ll baseline current voice quality for all paths and all equipment, network infrastructure, and desktop, to ear & mouth.
  • We proactively monitor all voice connections so you don’t suffer communications issues during that big client meeting or during your call center’s busiest hours.
  • We isolate the problem to the link , equipment, software release or config responsible for the issue, getting you a “right-first-time” remediation.
  • We provide you detailed graphical timely inflexible reports on all scheduled and ad hoc measurements mad.

Key Measurements We Take


    Voice Quality or Speech Clarity

  • Voice Power Level

  • Echo

  • DTMF

  • One-Way Voice


  • Frequency Response


  • MC PTT

  • Packet Loss & Jitter

Applying the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) to Communications

For years, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) has been the guiding measurement of call and voice quality. But as VoIP infrastructures have evolved to be more pervasive, combining to work from home environment (WFH), traditional telecom (POTS) and internet networks, it’s become increasingly difficult to measure where, when and how issues arise.

Traditional MOS metrics made by telco networks only measure the transport layer of your VoIP service. This gives your network team the bare minimum of what could be wrong — jitter, latency, packet loss. But what if there was a more efficient way to get the full audio picture, end-to-end?

Teraquant Offers an Accepted Standards Based Metric we call “Audio MOS”

Teraquant offers a metric we call “Audio MOS”. Our Audio Voice Quality Proactive Monitoring tests real enthusiastic voice quality experiences, all the way from sound leaving your mouth to the listener’s ear and vice versa. Teraquant is a global leader in making accurate audio layer voice call quality measurements, and our services are used by all major voice labs worldwide.

Voice Quality Testing Services

MOS/PESQ monitoring, Optimized for VoIP

TQaudioMOS: Voice Quality Monitoring from Ear to Ear

Now more than ever, VoIP plays a critical role in business communications. Given the complex software, hardware, networks & resources often in-between parties, it is critical that you find quality problems at their core, before they escalate. Teraquant’s innovative audio MOS/PESQ solution enables your team to pinpoint call quality issues for quick & isolated troubleshooting. Our predictive analytics functions can notify you of call degradation issues before they reach the user.

MOS for the Modern Workplace

Mean Operating Scores (MOS) Made by telco networks only measure performance on the transport layer of your VoIP service (packet loss, jitter, latency). This method excludes quality issues arising from ancillary devices such as codecs, transcoders, mobile phones, softphones & more.

Monitoring on all Fronts

Teraquant Takes a holistic approach to MOS measurement, taking into account all call quality factors from ear to ear.
From the network edge to the middle-most parts of home and office environments, TQaudioMOS captures data every step of the way. Our solution then provides mitigation answers in relation to your Session Border Controller (SBC).

Keeping up with VoIP System Complexities

New remote work protocols have brought another level of complexity to VoIP Monitoring

  • PBX’s & SBC’s implement transcoding & firewalls with VPNs, making call tracking difficult.
  • Employee devices such as Bluetooth & cable headsets can create ‘false alarms’ pertaining to call quality issues.
  • Multi-use hardware with minimal processing capacity results in fragile connections between hosts.

TQaudioMOS tracks sessions through all variables, leaving no hop unaccounted for.

Our Differentiators:

  • Predictive Analytics: Know when and where voice quality will fail, troubleshoot before it happens.
  • Full Spectrum Monitoring: Uncover root causes behind call quality issues, no matter how granular or hidden.
  • Isolated issues, tailored solutions: Teraquant’s VQT services measure issues from client-side devices & isolates them, providing effective & efficient troubleshooting suggestions.

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