Providing Enhanced technical support that goes beyond that offered by Oracle.

This includes support for:

  • All settings originally made by Teraquant to the Oracle SBC/ECB/OCOM/ EOM software.
  • Working on your hardware and Oracle solutions to that integrate with third-party vendor network elements and devices.

Teraquant enhanced support is in addition to Premium Oracle Support. It includes managing your Trouble Tickets with Oracle. We escalate those Trouble Tickets as needed and communicate with you regarding priorities. We interpret Oracle’s responses and help you deploy all fixes or enhancements in your network.

You can request web conferences to review your SBC/ECB/Palladion/OCOM/EOM installation to ensure correct setup. In addition, we can discuss your plan for scaling hardware /VM resources for your traffic volume growth and staying up-to-date with your entitled enhancements from the latest Oracle software release.

Your Support Term runs for 1 year after your intial 90-day System

Warranty period (up to 40 hours).

If needed, you may add a 24/7 support option to your contract for SBC/ECB/Palladion/EOM/OCOM.

Teraquant manages your 24/7 support with Oracle including follow-up phone calls and escalations. We also manage all your tickets with our vendors (i.e., MOS my Oracle support. Refer to: My Oracle Support Quick Reference).

Contact Teraquant for help Monitoring your service with hands-on support 24/7.

Teraquant’s Support Services

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