Access Troubleshooting Diagnostics and Performance Metrics

When you’re need help troubleshooting diagnostics, monitoring service quality and performance metrics, consider Teraquant’s Managed Services packages. They include delivery of measurements and reports containing KPIs and analysis as per your requirements.

Proactive maintenance is assured, quality is managed upfront and issues are addressed before they impact you or your users’ experiences.

Our proposals are based on three yearly contracts starting at $3,000.00 per month (reseller discounts are available).

TQSAaaS Service-Assurance-as-a-Service provides:

  • Oracle EOM Application as a service.
  • On-site hardware including management of the hardware, 24 hour replacement and upgrade when volumes increase.
  • Complete platform configuration and management.
  • All your VoIP network infrastructure devices are described in EOM to provide instant recognition and rapid troubleshooting of any problems in your environment.
    • Complete call leg correlation. Management of correlation to ensure, always, all legs of all calls are presentable on one pane of glass, one message flow diagram, one ladder diagram
  • Recommendations are given for essential Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and threshold settings for alerts e.g. those that pertain to SLA’s you have with your suppliers and service providers or those that impact user experience.
  • Alerts go to the attention of TQSAaaS experts who can discuss with you the urgency or importance of rectifying these errors in SIP exchanges or the impact of poor voice quality
  • Live’s Specialist available for expert advice on troubleshooting specific operational problems and troubleshooting techniques

Services also include continuous implementation of voice quality [call clarity] measurements between multiple customer locations from SIP/VoIP or POTS [analog 2 wire PSTN voice phone service] interfaces. Call clarity will be measured using MOS [Mean Opinion Score] as implemented by the following objective algorithms:

  • Mean opinion score [MOS] as measured using PESQ [ITU-T P.862.1]
  • Mean opinion score [MOS] as measured using Narrowband POLQA [ITU-T P.863]

In addition, the following measurements will be made:

  • Delay – based on voice audio envelope
  • Call completion rate – call success and failure / Answer Seize Ratio (ASR)
  • Post dial delay (PDD) will also be measured
  • Service availability
  • Response time

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