SIP Monitoring in Real-Time

SIP monitoring is made easy with Oracle Communications Operations Monitor (Oracle OCOM) formerly Palladion. It enables Communications Service Providers (CSP)’s to efficiently and securely deploy IP networks, reduce operational costs, increase user satisfaction, and prevent voice fraud. Oracle OCOM is the industry’s premier real-time VoIP monitoring tool for assessing VoIP issues and works with any vendor’s VoIP and UC infrastructure. It is the complete solution for UC service assurance and is lower cost than other tools that have a fraction of its functionality. OCOM reduces your VoIP and UC operations costs by 37%, typically giving you an ROI of 3–4 months.

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Teraquant VAR solutions are always based on our continuous research which is done to find the best price for performance products for VoIP Infrastructure, Test, and Monitoring. And we keep updated on best practices so we can offer value added services that will bring our customers the most value at the lowest possible price.

SIP Monitoring

SIP Monitoring should not be CDR dependent. Teraquant provides network TAPs and Probes, needed to remove CDR dependencies. We ensure that OCOM works real-time in-cloud or on-premise. And it works with any vendors IP PBX and UC System running on VoIP networks using TDM or SIP technology. No one does more, than Teraquant, when it comes to utilizing the information OCOM enables. Teraquant supports OCOM real-time monitoring even when it is used with Encrypted VoIP.

Teraquant utilizes Oracle OCOM to enable AI for Fraud Prevention. We also integrate SIP Monitoring information into BSS/OSS systems to ensure KPI and SLA compliance. We add advanced Big Data Analytics with a powerful Reporting Engine to create powerful business and IT reports. The advanced reports can be scheduled for distribution. When needed they can be seen even without access to OCOM. Teraquant also ensures that you rapidly obtain advance skills by offering services for troubleshooting, integrating, and training that will enable you to fully utilize capabilities OCOM.

  • VoIP/UC Service Assurance.
  • Proactive SIP Monitoring.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Fraud Prevention.
  • KPI and SLA Reporting.
  • VoIP Encryption/Decryption.

One Pane of Glass – EOM/OCOM is a unique Service Assurance platform, showing the current state and all past states of all users, calls, registrations and SIP events. EOM/OCOM slices your telephony service [SS7, MeGaCo, SIP] in all possible dimensions, e.g. calls, users, devices, endpoints, SIP trunks and brings it all onto “one pane of glass” giving you perfect visibility of your service as experienced by all users.

Call Flow – Unique call merging algorithm stitches together all legs of the call, regardless of any manipulation of SIP or SDP by the network devices. The OCOM call merging algorithm has never failed to provide perfect call correlation.

Service Assurance – EOM/OCOM’s unique approach with stateful monitoring of every call and transaction, allows instant detection of common but previously obscure events such as dropped VoIP calls and one-way audio. These, and many more are all automatically detected. This is true Service Assurance and only available with EOM/OCOM.

Easy to Use – One display gives you perfect visibility, real time, on all your calls, allowing swift drill down by any criteria, using intuitive filters presented conveniently.

Use KPIs already configured such as the comprehensive IETF defined measurements for extended telephony performance such as Answer Seize Ratio [ASR] and Post Dial Delay [PDD].

Or build your own Key Performance Indicators. You can configure EOM/OCOM with a vast range of KPIs e.g. any SIP Response, METHOD, TCP sessions, long calls, short calls, errors, media events … you name it, all from a simple GUI wizard. Once you’ve built your KPI, you can configure thresholds for smart alerts.

Identify Poor Voice Quality – Identify intermittent poor voice quality with granular metrics over time.

Easily Find Bad Calls – Identify all calls with poor voice quality using a simple filter that is there, in plain sight, on the calls page.

Easy to follow flows – Perfect call merging correlates all legs of the call. User defined names are given to each device e.g. “Access 4” above. In addition, colored IP Tags and Prefix Tags label specific interfaces or traffic types within a device e.g. distinguishing the SIP signaling IP addresses from the media IP addresses within the same SBC or SIP trunk.

Global Monitoring: Scale your real-time Service Assurance across continents, optimizing use of bandwidth but ensuring all calls perfectly correlated.

One Pane of Glass – EOM/OCOM is a unique Service Assurance platform, showing the current state and all past states of all users, calls, registrations and SIP events. EOM/OCOM slices your telephony service [SS7, MeGaCo, SIP] in all possible dimensions, e.g. calls, users, devices, endpoints, SIP trunks and brings it all onto “one pane of glass” giving you perfect visibility of your service as experienced by all users.

Call Flow – Unique call merging algorithm stitches together all legs of the call, regardless of any manipulation of SIP or SDP by the network devices. The OCOM call merging algorithm has never failed to provide perfect call correlation.

It was taking 1-2 hours to solve issues that now take us 1-2 minutes to solve and in real-time we verify that the issue is gone — thanks to Oracle OCOM.Telmex USA

Calculate Your Cost Savings from Using OCOM

Oracle OCOM SIP Monitor utilizes probes connected to your specific network infrastructure so it can collect packet information in real-time between any set of devices on the network. It is not reliant on Call Detail Records (CDRs) or logs from devices on your network. Teraquant can add in any needed Packet Brokers and TAPs or we can use existing SPAN Ports for probe installation.

Teraquant installs the Oracle OCOM system and adds in an exact-fit rollout of user and admin training that includes focused report building and best practices troubleshooting. We also offer standard and custom integrations including Big Data Analytics. We can even use OCOM to create smart networks that utilize the real-time data to proactively solve issues and/or to automate specific interactions with SBC and SLB Subscriber-Aware Load Balancer.

SIP Monitoring Services

Managed Services

  • Analog and Digital Active Testing managed service.
    • Simulated SIP testing.
    • Simulated analog (PRI/ISDN) testing.
  • SIP Troubleshooting,
    • You pick the time that works best for you.
    • A Deep Dive into your deployment, to help with identifying and resolving problems.
    • Related user training.

Installation Services

  • OCOM Mediation Engine Connector (MEC) setup.
  • OCOM Mediation Engine (ME) setup.
    • Recommend and assist with VM or Bare Metal installation.
    • Identify and recommend KPIs.
  • OCOM (Probe) setup.
    • Define the hardware needs.
    • Determine how many Probes are needed, and where they should be deployed.
    • Define TAPs or Span-Port implementation.

Integration Services

  • VoIP Fraud.
  • VoIP Robo-call (Stir Shaken).
  • TLS Decrypt.
  • Packet De-duplication.
  • OSS/BSS Offline views.
  • Big Data analytics.

OCOM Key Functions and Features

OCOM helps network operators improve their productivity and efficiency by providing a high-level overview of what is actually happening in the network in real time with drill-down capability for rapid troubleshooting. Some of the key features include:

  • End-to-end call correlation and analytics in real-time.
  • Segmentation of the network path for fast and accurate problem localization.
  • On-demand troubleshooting down to the individual employee, agent, or customer level.
  • Media quality analysis, including R-value scores and mean opinion scores (MOSs).
  • Unparalleled insight and analysis of signaling messages.
  • Real-time scoring and alerting to VoIP fraud issues.
  • Software embedded in Oracle E-SBCs and ECB eliminates the need to place additional monitoring equipment in the network.
  • Intuitive and simple graphical user interface (GUI).

OCOM is a passive service assurance suite that enables proactive monitoring, rapid troubleshooting, and an array of reporting options. Some of the key functions include.

  • Captures traffic from VoIP and UC networks.
  • Collects raw messages from probes and correlates these messages into end-to-end call message flows.
  • Calculates 200 out-of-the-box, custom key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Renders gathered data to a web interface and makes it available to external applications via the REST API.
  • Enables fast root cause analysis with intuitive drill-down capabilities to a per-message view.

Proactive SIP Monitoring

OCOM analyzes the received traffic and triggers alerts when thresholds are exceeded. It detects and generates alerts for network abuse, fraud, spam over internet telephony, and denial of service attacks. OCOM can connect multiple applications and allows for integration with existing applications. It offers a web interface that is easy to use for non-technical staff and that includes multiple fault and trend views to help identify potential service quality degradations in a VoIP network. For example, voice quality status is reflected in the colors used by OCOM to display charts, which appear green or red based on the values of MOS, R-factor, packet loss, burst loss, and jitter.

Troubleshooting and Visibility

OCOM identifies each leg of a session in real time. This feature is essential for troubleshooting and for providing deep device visibility and accurate statistics. OCOM’s approach to SIP Monitoring is unique and it correlates all call legs, covering any vendor implementations. Its analysis contains ALL protocol information, including the following:

  • KPIs.
  • Call status.
  • Call duration.
  • Codecs used.
  • Call audio quality.

Integration and Reporting

OCOM offers a collection of  addon tools and services that simplify integration and interoperability with a range of network management system, business intelligence, and customer relationship management applications. A scripting API enables local access to all the data gathered by OCOM using Python for stateful detailed parsing, and a REST API enables external applications to access OCOM data. For example, an external application can gather custom data such as the list of users registered from a phone with special firmware, successful call rate, or number of users with more than two contacts. The resulting information can be used to build valuable statistics. OCOM also supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for generating alerts to third-party applications. This integration flexibility makes OCOM future-proof for growing networks.

SIP Monitor Architecture


OCOM Probes collect and analyze data feeds from the network. Probes are deployed across the infrastructure to produce a network-wide view of performance and analyze trends. Probes serve two primary functions:

  1. Collect packet captures of signaling messages (SIP, ISDN User Part, and so on) and forward them to the OCOM Mediation Engine for correlation and analysis.
  2. Collect and analyze local RTP media streams and send the results to the Mediation Engine for correlation with relevant signaling information.

OCOM Probes are available in two form factors:

  • Software that can be loaded on COTS Linux servers. (OCOM Probe software is offered at no additional cost; servers must be procured independently).
  • Probes that are embedded into Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controllers and Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker.

This form factor enables network operators to optimize their IP communications networks while reducing network cost and complexity. The embedded probes leverage Oracle encryption technologies to gain visibility of network traffic.

SIP Monitor Mediation Engine

The OCOM Mediation Engine receives signaling and RTP stream metadata from the Probes and performs further processing, call correlation, and database functions. The Mediation Engine and Probes can be connected through secure channels for secure data transactions. The Mediation Engine performs massive processing and correlation of a wide range of messages to produce a network-wide view of all calls in real time. The OCOM Communications Operations Monitor renders the correlation, KPIs, and metrics, and an intuitive GUI simplifies analysis and troubleshooting operations.

Unique Value Enhancing of OCOM SIP Monitoring is created by Teraquant

Teraquant increases the value derived from your OCOM SIP Monitor by adding unique features and functionality only available from Teraquant. We offer standard and customized training and integration to optimize your OCOM investment. We ensure the best possible ROI. We assist you to ensure that you correctly size your traffic volumes dedicated servers and virtual platforms. We provide training on VoIP troubleshooting techniques and we extend OCOM into your Help Desk or Customer Service Agents to achieve the greatest benefit from your OCOM investment throughout your enterprise. For example Teraquant’s Nemo reporting platform provides scheduled reports to executives with a single page or graph customized to your specific requirements giving visibility on the performance of your UC/voice services.


Teraquant offers VoIP decrypt so encrypted voice can be monitored with OCOM. Detection of a range of fraud events is an Oracle option for OCOM. Teraquant enhances OCOM so it not only monitors to detect fraudsters that are scanning your network for vulnerabilities, we also feedback the real-time knowledge gained into your Session Border Controllers (SBC’s). This creates a smart network using machine learning to prevent fraudulent calls by utilizing Teraquant AI.

Training on VoIP/UC Troubleshooting Techniques

The OCOM SIP Monitor is inherently easy to use. Using the tool to find problem calls is a two minute job. But Teraquant training is distinct in that it teaches troubleshooting techniques. Teraquant training shows you:

  • How to find dropped calls.
  • One-way audio.
  • Calls with poor voice quality.
  • Failed calls.
  • Comprehensive KPI’s and how to set them up in OCOM.

Deep Dive on Voice Quality

Teraquant Perceptual Voice Quality and Intelligibility Practice works with leading technology companies in voice and video technology such as QUALCOMM, Comcast , Cisco and government research labs to perfect and interpret industry-standard algorithms for measuring speech quality.

When tracking down difficult speech quality problems, whether you suspect the endpoints – eg: computer softphones devices or your network itself – Teraquant can add end-to-end active testing of audio (PESQ/POLQA/MOS) node by node and combine this with OCOM passive monitoring and analysis for fast and complete troubleshooting that quickly isolates the root-cause of your issue.

Teraquant Distinct OCOM Technical Support

with Anytime Free Advice.

Teraquant’s distinct technical support is personal and will help you get the best out of your OCOM SIP Monitor. We help you overcome any problem within the capabilities of the OCOM software product. It includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Support OCOM SIP Monitor software on your hardware in your network environment.
  • Troubleshooting to isolate root-cause of an issue in a multi-vendor environment.
  • Technical support specifically on your problem.
  • Live web conferences to spend time troubleshooting your problem with your people.
  • Training all members of your staff on Best Practices and Service Assurance.
  • We give you a voice into the Oracle Communications development team and can help prioritize issues and Requests for Enhancements (RFE).
  • Implementation integration of OCOM into your OSS/BSS using the RESTful and other APIs.
  • Discussion of add-ons and engineering of enhancements to OCOM by Teraquant where it is required for your network. e.g. GUI ADD-ONS and Special Reports.
  • We ensure that the correct hardware is selected for your specific traffic volumes.

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