It’s not a matter of if your VoIP network will fail… but when will it fail and which part will fail first.

If you’re concerned your telecom infrastructure (either in-house or in-cloud) is right-sized to support your maximum number of calls at busy hour, load and stress testing are critical to discover the limits and bottlenecks of your network’s capacity.

Would you prefer to find out the limits of your telecom service during busy hours when your customers most need you?

Or would you rather run a simple controlled test during scheduled maintenance?

The following traffic capacity limits are critical for any telecom team to track:

  • Firewall resources
  • Routers and switches
  • Voice and video infrastructure e.g., SBCs, IVR, Session Managers, and PBXs
  • Virtual computing resources
  • WAN carrier circuits, committed bandwidth, and information rates

But establishing an internal testing system can be cumbersome, requiring expensive equipment and more manpower than you expect to create a reliable load testing structure. Teraquant’s Load and Stress Testing as a Service brings test resources instantly to your data center and to your VoIP system in volume to stress your infrastructure’s capabilities and resources. We add audio MOS (PESQ/POLQA MOS) to determine when voice processing fails and your UX is affected.

What to Expect with Teraquant’s Load and Stress Testing-as-a-Service

How exactly does our Load and Stress Testing process work? First, we load up your VoIP network to the point of weakness. We establish a baseline of key performance parameters. Then, we watch for the answers to the following questions:

  • When do calls start failing?
  • When does audio voice quality degrade?
  • At what traffic level do you start getting dropped calls?
  • Which device in your VoIP infrastructure fails under capacity?
  • Where is your bottleneck?
  • Are “bare metal” or virtual resources adequate?
  • How can we fine-tune your VM requirements so you can save money?

Ultimately, we load and stress test your infrastructure to ensure correct sizing and cost efficient deployment. This gives you the peace of mind that your service won’t fail during busy hours or cause client churn. We help you create the most efficient infrastructure to exceed your customer’s expectations when they call.

Why Use Third-Party Load and Stress Testing

Test call services can be found all over the internet, and they can quickly verify that a call destination’s route is available at the time of testing. But that data doesn’t paint a broad enough picture for an effective telecom infrastructure. Our services load and stress test all components of your VoIP system with real media — rather than just testing an internet connection.

Third-party load and stress testing pinpoints errors in the elements your telecom team has control over — without investing in expensive load test tools, and the training/support of those tools. Thus, we help our customers figure out the best solutions to the problems they can fix, rather than make recommendations on how to handle an internet they can’t control.

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