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Teraquant is your SIP expert. We will ensure you can efficiently transition to an IP-enabled environment for real-time communications services. For example, we can shorten the time it takes to transition to low-cost SIP trunks, while ensuring total security and reliability is achieved for optimized ROI. Teraquant’s roots come from test and measurement so quality is measured, benchmarked and assured.

We can help with your Virtual or Cloud strategy, ensuring seamless movement of your VoIP and UC infrastructure — from bare-metal to virtual, or from public to private clouds. We even offer integration servers to enable Big Data and AI to be utilized so you can quickly optimize business and technical value for your communications systems.

Ask about our process for simplifying your infrastructure while adding proactive real-time monitoring to your network — giving you quick detection of anomalies and auto-correction of issues for the best possible VoIP, UC and UM user experience.


Discuss Your Requirements

Teraquant Comms Analytics is integrated with Oracle EOM and OCOM, raw packet captures, servers, VM infrastructure and endpoints. This brings real-time big-data analytics to your communications networks, enabling proactive quality assurance, predictive maintenance and effective event management.

It is a distributed search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases, predicting failure of IP telephony, UC and UM services, and detecting the next generation of telephony fraud. It continuously monitors all relevant data sources, correlates them together and looks for anomalies so you can confirm the expected, uncover the unexpected and predict events such as:

  1. Imminent security attacks.
  2. Future service outages.
  3. Increased customer churn – predicting which customers may leave.
  4. Reductions in service level.

Teraquant services will help you to decide what data needs to be collected. Our integrated solutions add to the data collected by EOM/OCOM. We determine the best way to collect data from your network and which parameters to correlate and analyze.

It’s one thing to find the ten best documents to match your query. But how do you make sense of a billion lines in a log file? Teraquant recommends aggregations, letting you zoom out to explore trends, patterns and anomalies in your data.


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Teraquant VoIPdecrypt was created for the decryption of secure (TLS/SRTP) voice and video, before these packets are submitted to the Oracle EOM or OCOM monitoring system for analysis. Our real-time decryption servers analyze key exchanges and TLS protocol events, then decrypt SIP signaling and SRTP audio to empower EOM and OCOM service assurance to do its job even on encrypted traffic.


VoIP Fraud Detection and Prevention

Teraquant’s IP Telephony Fraud Detection and Prevention solution is able to detect, alert and report the non-authorized usage and abnormal behaviors happening on a voice network. It is not a CDR-based monitoring system, which inherently has a delay in detection that causes large revenue leakage and delays in detecting breaches. TQProtector offers real-time detection.

TQProtector monitors all relevant parameters, detecting hackers probes for vulnerabilities in your IP telephony infrastructure, or fraudulent traffic and then updates our databases dynamically with new and relevant information. This updated information is then distributed in the form of dynamic Blacklists and Whitelists to your infrastructure to ensure protection against revenue leakage.


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Teraquant has implemented scheduled off-board reporting by integrating Nemo with Oracle EOM or OCOM. The integration improves the real-time reporting of EOM or OCOM, allowing you to automatically transmit custom tailored reports to your executives, carrier-management teams and customers. It does not require logging into EOM/OCOM yet provides summary details on usage and quality for applications such as compliance with Service Level Agreements. Data is collected via EOM/OCOM’s probes and Mediation Engine, which generates CDRs.

Nemo allows monitoring of VoIP network usage in terms of sessions — simultaneous calls, call rate, Minutes Of Use, call duration, etc — as well as call disposition — Answer Seize Ratio, Session Establishment Ratio, Post-Dial Delay — and media — packet loss, jitter, latency and MOS. Nemo offers intuitive, powerful graphing functionality to visually inspect all VoIP traffic measurements by time, as well as distribution over time.

In addition to the traditional VoIP metrics, Nemo can also monitor RCS sessions by gathering information relating to call transfers, chat, SMS, video vs. audio calls and desktop sharing.


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Teraquant IP PBX with Unified Communication is a full-featured and carrier-class solution, allowing Communication Service Providers and Hosted PBX providers to deliver carrier-class functionality, performance and availability to all your customers, restoring profitability to empower growth of your services company. Teraquant’s solution uses the latest virtual-machine technology to allow instant scalability and portability between private and public clouds.

Teraquant’s system is also ideal for enterprises, as it enables a simple transition to lower-cost SIP trunk carriers, reducing phone charges and lowering support costs while adding advanced video and integration options.

Teraquant Unified Communication comes with flexible high-resolution video-conferencing and collaboration built right in.

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