Voice and Video Will Overload Your VPN Concentrator and Firewall. Session Border Controllers are the Right Way to Connect Remote Workers to Real-Time Services

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In today’s COVID-19 environment, unprecedented numbers of employees are working remotely. Enterprises initially connect remote workers directly into a voice telecom/UC switching infrastructure using VPN. However, processing voice/SIP packets with a firewall and VPN brings problems when scaled beyond initial turn-up.

Each person needs to access their enterprise network securely. And, your company needs to ensure a quality experience for both voice and video services. While a firewall protects your data, it’s not designed for telecom-related information.

A SIP-capable device, such as a Session Border Controller (SBC), is specifically developed for enterprise telecommunication assets. Designed for voice and video applications, SBC:

  • Eliminates telephony fraud and hackers.
  • Reduces call volume on internal PBX’s & SIP trunks to PSTN.
  • Minimizes costs.
  • Enhances user experience for your remote workers and customers.
  • Increases overall productivity.

SIP-Capable Devices Optimize and Manage Voice and Video Security

Traffic coming from your carriers, customers or branch offices comes in from a private network, on specific IP addresses over MPLS or metro-ethernet. Any IP address that doesn’t fall within this expected group can be immediately rejected. On the other hand, those who are working remotely typically come into your network over the internet, using unmanaged IP addresses. This requires you to police incoming traffic using a higher layer of the protocol stack, e.g. https and SIP. For data sessions, this means a VPN. But VPN functions are not capable of interpreting signals to set up voice and video calls.

A SIP-capable device such as an Access SBC correctly interprets the SIP and ensures that any ineligible or fraudulent SIP is dropped and cannot access your corporate network. It also manipulates the SIP signaling to present it in the exact way required by the receiving end e.g. proprietary vendor or carrier. An SBC also routes the voice and video media directly to where it needs to go. As a result, internal network resources are not congested and voice/video calls provide an optimal experience for both your remote workers and your customers.

SBCs Reduce Costs, Enhance Productivity, Provide Voice Clarity and a Better User Experience

When IP packets are tied up within a VPN, they are invisible to any device. In order to be directed to the correct place within your enterprise, they must be decrypted and unbundled. Managing each session is an intensive CPU task. With the sudden increase in volume from remote workers, firewalls are becoming overloaded and are failing.

Voice traffic should be directed to an Access SBC for processing because SBCs are designed for SIP and can process voice and video efficiently. The best session border controller available, the Oracle Acme SBC complements your Firewall/VPN server. It takes load off your network while enhancing the user experience. Voice and video calls are routed to reduce latency and transcoded to improve voice quality.

The Oracle Acme SBC is the leading SBC especially for Access SBC installations. It does all other necessary processing of voice packets such as Bulk Registration, transcoding, encryption, 911 location, 1-800 routing, anti-Robo call, Recording, protection against Denial of Service (DoS) and DID screening. Your customers can be heard clearly so everyone has a more immediate, productive and enjoyable experience.

Send Data to Your Firewall, Send Voice and Video to Your SBC

When it comes to voice, firewalls don’t cut it. Access SBCs provide cost-effective routing, processing and security to protect your voice and video calls. With the current increase in employees working remotely, be sure they experience the same mission critical service they would, as if they were local, in your corporate offices.

Make sure your corporate communications remain secure and optimized with clear quality. Route your voice and video through SBCs, not through a firewall or VPN tunnel.

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