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Is a cost-efficient test tool and performs SS7 protocol simulation over TDM and IP, as well as SCTP simulation, SIP-T simulation and ISDN PRI simulation.

Test and verification of network elements, network services and network performance is important to ensure Quality of Service (QoS), network reliability, interoperability between network elements and user satisfaction. STINGA Protocol Simulator is the ideal tool for functional testing, load and performance testing, security and penetration testing and troubleshooting.

  • SS7 Protocol Simulation over TDM and IP.
  • ISDN PRI Protocol Simulation over TDM.
  • Generate Real Network Traffic.
  • Black Box and White Box Testing.
  • Functional Testing.
  • Load & Performance Testing.
  • Security & Penetration Testing.
  • Media Testing.
  • Parameter Builder.
  • Powerful Script Language.
  • Conformance Test Suite Framework.
  • Easy-to-use.


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Big data is awesome; you just need to see it! And that’s what the Network Analysis suite from Utel Systems is all about.

  • STINGA Performance Analyzer.
  • STINGA Protocol Analyzer.
  • STINGA XDR Search.
  • Network Performance Analysis
  • Live & Scheduled KPI Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboards – drill it, dice it, slice it
  • Alarms & Thresholds
  • Available from Browsers, Tablets and Phones
  • Integration with STINGA Monitoring Probes and 3rd-party Monitoring Solutions
  • Import 3rd-party Relational Data
  • Real-time and Off-line Protocol Analysis
  • Call Trace and Message Flow Diagram
  • Voice Quality Analysis
  • Technologies: Mobile (2G, 3G, 4G, IMS, VoLTE), VoIP, TDM
  • Export to PDF and Excel

STINGA Performance Analyzer

STINGA Performance Analyzer is the Control Center in Network Analysis. Utilizing Big Data you can generate KPI statistics reports – in real-time or historical – from a user-friendly web-based environment. The power of the STINGA technology lets you see millions of events as they happen. The interface can be easily set up according to who uses it so that different user groups can get the most meaningful information – such as engineers, account managers, destination managers, OMC or NOC.


STINGA XDR Search allows you to search for individual calls and transactions and analyze signaling message details. It is a fast and flexible tool for analyzing and a great way to do error tracking. Historical searches are based on data stored in an XDR repository and search results are presented in web-based XDR reports. Here you can perform drill-down analysis down to related protocol signaling messages.

STINGA Protocol Analyzer

STINGA Protocol Analyzer is suitable for real-time and off-line protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis. Advanced filtering, call trace and message flow diagrams are available for efficient network troubleshooting and error tracking. Protocol stacks within mobile, IP, TDM and converged networks are supported.



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Big data is awesome; you just need to catch it! With the Network Monitoring solution from Utel Systems you can maintain a superior network quality and a first class customer experience by capturing information about network traffic and Voice Quality in Mobile, IP and TDM networks. STINGA Monitoring Probe and STINGA Performance Analyzer let you detect and resolve network issues and poor performance before end customers are affected.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Mobile, IP and TDM Networks
  • Multiple Ethernet, STM-1 & E1/T1 Interfaces
  • Highly Scalable Solution
  • Physical or Virtual Probe Servers (VMware)
  • Real-Time and Off-Line Analysis
  • XDR Generation & Storage
  • Multi-User Solution
  • Voice Quality Analysis

STINGA Monitoring Probe is the ultimate tool for network capturing. The probe is a small multiuser monitoring system and it is easily scalable. It provides both real-time and historical network data.

STINGA Monitoring Probe is an easily configurable Linux server that monitors one or more TDM and/or Ethernet interfaces. It monitors in real-time and stores all raw network details as flat files or in SQL databases. With network data stored 24/7, error tracking and network planning become easier. Stored data can also be used as evidence in fraud or in billing, government, and/or operator issues.

STINGA Monitoring Probe is the center in a Link Monitoring System and makes the system flexible and scalable. The system is therefore perfect for a growing or changing business. A system can range from one simple probe to many distributed probes.


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As a legally sanctioned official access to private communications, Lawful Interception (LI) is a security process in which a service provider or network operator collects and provides Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), regulatory or administrative agencies, and intelligence services with intercepted communications of private individuals or organizations.

STINGA CC Mediator, STINGA IRI Server and STINGA LI Analyzer are parts of a STINGA LEMF (Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility) collecting, analyzing and storing Intercept Related Information (IRI) and Contents of Communications (CC) from Public Telecom Networks (PTN), and providing decoded signaling and media information to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). Standardized Handover Interfaces (HI1, HI2 and HI3) as well as proprietary interfaces between PTN and the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility are supported.

  • IRI decoding & storage
  • CC decoding & storage
  • Signaling & media separation
  • Real-time voice streaming
  • IMS, VoLTE, SIP, H.323 & ISDN
  • PCM, AMR & AMR-WB codecs
  • Mono & stereo sound
  • SMS decoding & storage (7, 8 and 16 bit)
  • Fragmented SMS
  • Protocol signaling decoding


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No doubt, the challenge to test and monitor high‐speed wired, wireless and mobile networks is greater than ever before. Applications such as Voice over IP, video streaming, and peer‐to‐peer (P2P) Internet traffic require deeper packet monitoring and inspection.

The SwiftWing SIRIUS product is designed to meet today’s demand for high-speed, high-traffic packet capture in IP networks. SIRIUS is a capture and storing appliance capable of sustaining up to 40 Gbps capture to disk, regardless of packet sizes. No packets will be lost when capturing traffic, even during the most demanding and intensive network conditions wherever a most accurate capture result is needed. Our intuitive web-based user interface offers a responsive look and feel across all your desktop and mobile devices.

SIRIUS is optimized in usability and performance to allow users to focus on working with the network data and not operating the capture appliances.

  • Intuitive & user friendly UI for operations & configurations
  • Powerful capture configuration supports packet slicing, file rotation & data protection mechanism
  • Smart hardware filter engine allows robust & flexible filter conditions on network traffic
  • RESTful API for remote access to stored data, PCAP files & statistics. Enables integration with 3rd-party appliances
  • Built-in packet decode display allow viewing of packet data directly in the UI
  • Packet index & search – 7 tuple
  • SNMP traps, remote syslog & internal application log for alerts & security logging
  • Real-time & historical packet statistics & graph display
  • Support 40 Gbps capture to disk regardless of packet size
  • Highly customizable storage

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